The Bell Tolls

Volume 3

Among the ruins

His Majesty sits upon the throne of Amber, surveying the wreckage of his kingdom. The golden circle is in tatters, controlled by the enemies of Amber and questionable allies. Strife and conflict grows again amongst the family. Chaos is in shambles, as the civil war that has been waged for three hundred years is interrupted by invasions from beneath. It is a time of strife, a time to both gain and lose power. Amberites long forgotten and newly born send ripples across the breadth of shadow.

Amidst the ashes of victory all is not well.

Queen of Chaos
Session 38

Twenty three years have passed since the Hand of Madness was delivered to…well nobody seems to remember exactly what happened to it. Our adventurers with the exception of the exiled Kuru were gathered at a dinner party held by Princess Floramelle of Amber. This party was unfortunately interrupted by a pair of surprises.

The first surprise was the return of Lady Beryl and Lord Isaac from shadow. The pair had been out of communication since the resurrection of Lady Beryl. For a moment the room grew tense when Beryl questioned the location of her old friend, the Lady Kuru, former Champion of Amber.

The second surprise came when Lord Markim of house Ashgahn and his squire, Jacqueline arrived looking somewhat worse for wear, perhaps coming from battle. The news they brought was dire, and quickly those with ties to Chaos began to leave the party. King Swayvill was dead.

As chaos marshaled to war, house Ashgahn rallied its allies old and new and prepared an assault to capture Thelbane, and claim the throne. The Lady Jaela lead a daring raid with the assistance of her companions and claimed the throne after a bloody battle involving twenty copies of Bennedict guarding the throne room. As she sat upon the great black throne of Chaos, the Serpent of Chaos smashed it’s way in chasing Kuru. A fight that surely numbered among the oddest ever seen in that throne room. It ended with the Serpent fleeing as the Dragon of Chaos arrived.

As she looked upon that which she had taken, the lady Jaela came to a decision. Rather than holding the palace for her House, she claimed the throne and was Crowned Queen Jaela of chaos by her brother Jarrin. The houses Helibore, Sawall, Menrod, Calnesh and her own Ashgahn pledged there support, and two princes of Amber aknowledged her as Queen of Chaos.

Long live Jaela, Queen of Chaos

The Battle of Madness
Session 37

Unable to easily find Mathis, the party set about gathering intelligence. Scouting parties into the mountains were not able to find anything fruitful, but Kerrigan’s command over the interaction between powers was able to discover a good starting point for an infiltration.

Amarisa supplied the infiltration, narrowing the field considerably. With that information, Cadwgan was able to overfly an area and pinpoint an area of merely a few dozen miles where Mathis might be.

With that as a guide, the party set out with just a small force, while Arnok and Lance lead a multi-pronged assault against the Abyssal forces to keep them busy. The journey was hard, especially for the shadow people, but eventually Vince was able to locate the entrance to Sanctum.

After a bit of tense action, Mathis realized that the party had come to help, not invade. They were welcomed into Sanctum, and shown the Hand of Madness. The Hand is a terrible artifact, apparently on-par with the Jewel of Judgement, but far more sinister. That proved to be a mistake in the case of Cyrus and Cadwgan, both of whom partially succumbed to the Hand’s influence, but though blood was shed, no long term harm was done.

Plans were tossed about, and eventually it was decided that to end the threat, Osric would have to be defeated, and the Hand moved to another location. Yggdrasil’s realm, already steeped in power, was chosen as the new safe location. All that remained was to provoke Osric, and try to defeat him.

Osric arrived with a force of Abyssal Knights, and a bodyguard of Abyssal Champions. He summoned dread Abyssal Nightmares that swarmed the party. The battle was brutal, even with the might of the assembled Amberites and Chaosians, the outcome was uncertain until the very end. Mathis, Kuru, Jaela, and Cyrus were all gravely wounded in the combat. Most of the Knights and Champions were slain, and while Osric took terrible wounds, he did not seem bowed by them. He was, however, forced to flee.

Moving the Hand had to be done immediately, and took a further toll. The Hand was desperate to not be imprisoned again, and it struck first at the minds and then at the bodies of those who were moving it. Despite all its efforts, it was delivered to Yggdrasil, and is supposedly safe.

Weary and wounded, the victors returned to their homes for a long rest.

((23 Year Time Gap after this Session))

Ressurections and Revelations
Session 36

As the session started, Vince ran in to some trouble with his investigation into Random’s assassin in the form of a being that looked like, and claimed to be Cyrus. The identity of the being, Cyrus or otherwise, was never conclusively determined, but what ensued almost plunged Amber into civil war. Luckily, after a huge shouting match between Eric, Vince, Random, Vivian, and Cyrus, cooler heads managed to prevail, and conflict was averted.

During the confusion, Argus was freed by unknown persons. He left Martin unconscious but otherwise unharmed, a new leaf for Argus perhaps?

Daevin had his own bomb to drop, he demanded of his mother that she turn Kuru over to Diedre, or otherwise destroy her. Through Amarisa, Julian got involved, and for now the plan is tabled, though Daevin certainly does not seem to have been dissuaded, only balked.

Llewella had called the most active Amberites to her side, proposing to them that they help Mathis rid himself of an invasion belived to be commanded by his own father. Plans were laid to help Mathis, but first some matters had to be attended to. In particular, the assasin lord Tardis sought an audiance with Kuru. He had been invited along by Kerrigan, much to the chagrin of various Amberites.

Amarisa, Llewella, and Kerrigan journeyed to Aphos to return Beryl to a working body. Terrible powers were summoned, and the materials had required months of preparation. With the power of the Jewel of Censure, Kerrigan’s ability to slip into spaces that few can, and Amarisa’s command of Trump, Beryl was restored. Understandably, her first act after a few questions was to seek rest.

That was not to be the only surprise, however. A woman called Mask arrived in Rebma to deliver Vince a son of his. The boy, Lance, was insolent as is usual for an untested Amberite. He was able to walk the Pattern, and choose to come along on the mission for Mathis.

As the party made their way to Mathis’s shadow, they decided to take a break to blow off some steam and do some dueling. Many duels were tried, with swords, with fists, and with the power of the mind. Not everyone chose to participate, but most did. Their journey nearly complete, the party gathered their forces from shadow and prepared to turn the tide of a war.

Honor Among Immortals
Session 35

After a short and somewhat tense meeting in Alharra, our intrepid heroes entered the Abyss via Nallin’s kingdom in the Origin. The mission was to remain stealthy as much as possible, so the party dressed in Abyssal armor, though some chose to dress in the robes of the heretofore unknown Abyssal Sorcerers.

Nallin lead everyone through the Abyss, protecting them from its ravages and speeding the journey with his power. Stealth stopped being an option when the party reached a ruined outpost of Harendark, which had been overtaken by Voidian Werewolves. The creatures gained strength as each member of the pack died, and eventually the party was forced to flee from the remaining, terrifying foes.

After a rest they continued on, and though there were several tense encounters on the way to Eric’s prison, Nallin was able to lead the party through without incident. Once inside the prison, that was no longer possible.

Titania, first wife of Oberon, barred the way. The party split, with those in robes going to rescue Eric while Nallin, Rin, Jaela, and Vince stood Titania off. She was not afraid of them in the slightest.

On the way to Eric’s cell, yet another Amberite in prison was discovered by Kerrigan. The party pressed on, and the Horn of the Unicorn was able to pierce the magical defenses on Eric’s cell. He was being bred like a stud for his bloodline and Pattern attunement.

Amarisa trumped out with Eric, as he’d been the main objective, and everyone else made other preparations to go. Cyrus, and Kerrigan came face to face with Thallia and Diedre, and fled immediately. Kuru lucked out at first, as Diedre did not recognize her.

Meanwhile, Titania was getting less and less patient with those standing her off, though she did have enough respect for House Ashghan to give Jaela the chance to stand aside. She was determined to make those opposing her pay for the loss of her prisoner.

Diedre was alerted to Kuru’s presence and did her level best to kill Kuru before the winged girl managed to escape to the Origin on Allerin’s trump. Diedre followed Kuru, and there was a confrontation with Corwin that ultimately ended with Corwin choosing the harmony of his son’s marriage over giving Kuru to his sister.

Kerrigan escaped the Abyss by means of a new Pattern technique. Those who were left behind either escaped on a trump to Amarisa, (Rin and Vince); or were rescued by Corwin (Cadwgan). Cyrus took the more difficult route, casting a truly epic spell that left him a shell of a man.

Rise of The Kuru
Session 34

Things began with a Chaos party in Stormhold, hosted by house Calnesh. There were a number of surprises, Amarisa’s lost love and Xavier’s father was revealed as a high lord of Calnesh.

Kuru reappeared, and was more or less immediately attacked, by both Kerrigan, to see if she was really Kuru, and some unnamed assasin.

House Sawall had a false Benedict serving them, as a pretty pointed message to Amber.

Cadwgan and Vince got into a duel, which devolved into savage clawing at each other.

Amarisa delivered Amber’s message to House Sawall, making an enemy of Mandor in the process.

Jaela had her child, Jaqueline, in Origin.

Rinaldo kissed a lot of ass.

Snipe Hunts and Manhunts
Session 33

Showcasing Amber’s ability to be decedant as well as powerful, Amarisa held parties each evening during her tenure as regent, after the day’s business was done. One party in particular pulled in quite a few guests, most of the family that were still in any kind of favor in Amber.

The party was centered around a comedic play, and some dancing. It witnessed the humiliation of Cyris as wine was dumped on him, and his subsequent near-death at the hands of an assassin. He was barely able to trump out to ask for help, and Amarisa had to take extreme measures to save him, that left Cyris paralyzed for a while.

Once Cyris had recovered a little, Orias organized an expedition to find the Unicorn. The first stop was Yggdrasil’s realm, but he reported that the Unicorn had long left that place.

The safari moved to Arden, where most of the party killed time and wandered the forest, while Cyris and Orias made more of an effort to find the Unicorn. They encountered her, but she was not pleased to see them, and did not help them.

gg Darin
Session 32


Darin’s reckless career comes to an end.

Volume 2
Lords of the Void

Volume I
Rise of the Abyss

The patternfall war had come to an end, and at first it seemed that all was well with the world. But attempts were made to rescue both Dierdre and Brand from the abyss, which opened the universe to a grave new threats.

Terrible in visage, and relentless in there attacks the Abyssal Knights tore through reality in a series of attempts to conquer Amber. Both Amber and the universe forged by Corwin known as the Origin were threatened in this war. As the members of the family tried to gain a handle on the situation a plan that was years in the making was enacted. Bleys, lusting after the throne lured Amber’s might from Amber and then using a mighty construct of Trump captured the throne.

But few rest easily upon the throne of Amber, with Knights of the Abyss rampaging through shadow and less than half of the family recognizing his claim his kingship was a tenuous one. A coalition was formed headed by Random and Erick with large amounts of support from younger generation of Amberites which successfully ousted Bleys from the throne.


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