The Bell Tolls

Honor Among Immortals

Session 35

After a short and somewhat tense meeting in Alharra, our intrepid heroes entered the Abyss via Nallin’s kingdom in the Origin. The mission was to remain stealthy as much as possible, so the party dressed in Abyssal armor, though some chose to dress in the robes of the heretofore unknown Abyssal Sorcerers.

Nallin lead everyone through the Abyss, protecting them from its ravages and speeding the journey with his power. Stealth stopped being an option when the party reached a ruined outpost of Harendark, which had been overtaken by Voidian Werewolves. The creatures gained strength as each member of the pack died, and eventually the party was forced to flee from the remaining, terrifying foes.

After a rest they continued on, and though there were several tense encounters on the way to Eric’s prison, Nallin was able to lead the party through without incident. Once inside the prison, that was no longer possible.

Titania, first wife of Oberon, barred the way. The party split, with those in robes going to rescue Eric while Nallin, Rin, Jaela, and Vince stood Titania off. She was not afraid of them in the slightest.

On the way to Eric’s cell, yet another Amberite in prison was discovered by Kerrigan. The party pressed on, and the Horn of the Unicorn was able to pierce the magical defenses on Eric’s cell. He was being bred like a stud for his bloodline and Pattern attunement.

Amarisa trumped out with Eric, as he’d been the main objective, and everyone else made other preparations to go. Cyrus, and Kerrigan came face to face with Thallia and Diedre, and fled immediately. Kuru lucked out at first, as Diedre did not recognize her.

Meanwhile, Titania was getting less and less patient with those standing her off, though she did have enough respect for House Ashghan to give Jaela the chance to stand aside. She was determined to make those opposing her pay for the loss of her prisoner.

Diedre was alerted to Kuru’s presence and did her level best to kill Kuru before the winged girl managed to escape to the Origin on Allerin’s trump. Diedre followed Kuru, and there was a confrontation with Corwin that ultimately ended with Corwin choosing the harmony of his son’s marriage over giving Kuru to his sister.

Kerrigan escaped the Abyss by means of a new Pattern technique. Those who were left behind either escaped on a trump to Amarisa, (Rin and Vince); or were rescued by Corwin (Cadwgan). Cyrus took the more difficult route, casting a truly epic spell that left him a shell of a man.


AshenHaze Drascus

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