The Bell Tolls

Queen of Chaos

Session 38

Twenty three years have passed since the Hand of Madness was delivered to…well nobody seems to remember exactly what happened to it. Our adventurers with the exception of the exiled Kuru were gathered at a dinner party held by Princess Floramelle of Amber. This party was unfortunately interrupted by a pair of surprises.

The first surprise was the return of Lady Beryl and Lord Isaac from shadow. The pair had been out of communication since the resurrection of Lady Beryl. For a moment the room grew tense when Beryl questioned the location of her old friend, the Lady Kuru, former Champion of Amber.

The second surprise came when Lord Markim of house Ashgahn and his squire, Jacqueline arrived looking somewhat worse for wear, perhaps coming from battle. The news they brought was dire, and quickly those with ties to Chaos began to leave the party. King Swayvill was dead.

As chaos marshaled to war, house Ashgahn rallied its allies old and new and prepared an assault to capture Thelbane, and claim the throne. The Lady Jaela lead a daring raid with the assistance of her companions and claimed the throne after a bloody battle involving twenty copies of Bennedict guarding the throne room. As she sat upon the great black throne of Chaos, the Serpent of Chaos smashed it’s way in chasing Kuru. A fight that surely numbered among the oddest ever seen in that throne room. It ended with the Serpent fleeing as the Dragon of Chaos arrived.

As she looked upon that which she had taken, the lady Jaela came to a decision. Rather than holding the palace for her House, she claimed the throne and was Crowned Queen Jaela of chaos by her brother Jarrin. The houses Helibore, Sawall, Menrod, Calnesh and her own Ashgahn pledged there support, and two princes of Amber aknowledged her as Queen of Chaos.

Long live Jaela, Queen of Chaos


AshenHaze AshenHaze

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