The Bell Tolls

Ressurections and Revelations

Session 36

As the session started, Vince ran in to some trouble with his investigation into Random’s assassin in the form of a being that looked like, and claimed to be Cyrus. The identity of the being, Cyrus or otherwise, was never conclusively determined, but what ensued almost plunged Amber into civil war. Luckily, after a huge shouting match between Eric, Vince, Random, Vivian, and Cyrus, cooler heads managed to prevail, and conflict was averted.

During the confusion, Argus was freed by unknown persons. He left Martin unconscious but otherwise unharmed, a new leaf for Argus perhaps?

Daevin had his own bomb to drop, he demanded of his mother that she turn Kuru over to Diedre, or otherwise destroy her. Through Amarisa, Julian got involved, and for now the plan is tabled, though Daevin certainly does not seem to have been dissuaded, only balked.

Llewella had called the most active Amberites to her side, proposing to them that they help Mathis rid himself of an invasion belived to be commanded by his own father. Plans were laid to help Mathis, but first some matters had to be attended to. In particular, the assasin lord Tardis sought an audiance with Kuru. He had been invited along by Kerrigan, much to the chagrin of various Amberites.

Amarisa, Llewella, and Kerrigan journeyed to Aphos to return Beryl to a working body. Terrible powers were summoned, and the materials had required months of preparation. With the power of the Jewel of Censure, Kerrigan’s ability to slip into spaces that few can, and Amarisa’s command of Trump, Beryl was restored. Understandably, her first act after a few questions was to seek rest.

That was not to be the only surprise, however. A woman called Mask arrived in Rebma to deliver Vince a son of his. The boy, Lance, was insolent as is usual for an untested Amberite. He was able to walk the Pattern, and choose to come along on the mission for Mathis.

As the party made their way to Mathis’s shadow, they decided to take a break to blow off some steam and do some dueling. Many duels were tried, with swords, with fists, and with the power of the mind. Not everyone chose to participate, but most did. Their journey nearly complete, the party gathered their forces from shadow and prepared to turn the tide of a war.


AshenHaze Drascus

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