The Bell Tolls

Rise of The Kuru

Session 34

Things began with a Chaos party in Stormhold, hosted by house Calnesh. There were a number of surprises, Amarisa’s lost love and Xavier’s father was revealed as a high lord of Calnesh.

Kuru reappeared, and was more or less immediately attacked, by both Kerrigan, to see if she was really Kuru, and some unnamed assasin.

House Sawall had a false Benedict serving them, as a pretty pointed message to Amber.

Cadwgan and Vince got into a duel, which devolved into savage clawing at each other.

Amarisa delivered Amber’s message to House Sawall, making an enemy of Mandor in the process.

Jaela had her child, Jaqueline, in Origin.

Rinaldo kissed a lot of ass.


AshenHaze Drascus

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