The Bell Tolls

Snipe Hunts and Manhunts

Session 33

Showcasing Amber’s ability to be decedant as well as powerful, Amarisa held parties each evening during her tenure as regent, after the day’s business was done. One party in particular pulled in quite a few guests, most of the family that were still in any kind of favor in Amber.

The party was centered around a comedic play, and some dancing. It witnessed the humiliation of Cyris as wine was dumped on him, and his subsequent near-death at the hands of an assassin. He was barely able to trump out to ask for help, and Amarisa had to take extreme measures to save him, that left Cyris paralyzed for a while.

Once Cyris had recovered a little, Orias organized an expedition to find the Unicorn. The first stop was Yggdrasil’s realm, but he reported that the Unicorn had long left that place.

The safari moved to Arden, where most of the party killed time and wandered the forest, while Cyris and Orias made more of an effort to find the Unicorn. They encountered her, but she was not pleased to see them, and did not help them.


AshenHaze Drascus

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