The Bell Tolls

The Battle of Madness

Session 37

Unable to easily find Mathis, the party set about gathering intelligence. Scouting parties into the mountains were not able to find anything fruitful, but Kerrigan’s command over the interaction between powers was able to discover a good starting point for an infiltration.

Amarisa supplied the infiltration, narrowing the field considerably. With that information, Cadwgan was able to overfly an area and pinpoint an area of merely a few dozen miles where Mathis might be.

With that as a guide, the party set out with just a small force, while Arnok and Lance lead a multi-pronged assault against the Abyssal forces to keep them busy. The journey was hard, especially for the shadow people, but eventually Vince was able to locate the entrance to Sanctum.

After a bit of tense action, Mathis realized that the party had come to help, not invade. They were welcomed into Sanctum, and shown the Hand of Madness. The Hand is a terrible artifact, apparently on-par with the Jewel of Judgement, but far more sinister. That proved to be a mistake in the case of Cyrus and Cadwgan, both of whom partially succumbed to the Hand’s influence, but though blood was shed, no long term harm was done.

Plans were tossed about, and eventually it was decided that to end the threat, Osric would have to be defeated, and the Hand moved to another location. Yggdrasil’s realm, already steeped in power, was chosen as the new safe location. All that remained was to provoke Osric, and try to defeat him.

Osric arrived with a force of Abyssal Knights, and a bodyguard of Abyssal Champions. He summoned dread Abyssal Nightmares that swarmed the party. The battle was brutal, even with the might of the assembled Amberites and Chaosians, the outcome was uncertain until the very end. Mathis, Kuru, Jaela, and Cyrus were all gravely wounded in the combat. Most of the Knights and Champions were slain, and while Osric took terrible wounds, he did not seem bowed by them. He was, however, forced to flee.

Moving the Hand had to be done immediately, and took a further toll. The Hand was desperate to not be imprisoned again, and it struck first at the minds and then at the bodies of those who were moving it. Despite all its efforts, it was delivered to Yggdrasil, and is supposedly safe.

Weary and wounded, the victors returned to their homes for a long rest.

((23 Year Time Gap after this Session))


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