The Bell Tolls

Volume I

Rise of the Abyss

The patternfall war had come to an end, and at first it seemed that all was well with the world. But attempts were made to rescue both Dierdre and Brand from the abyss, which opened the universe to a grave new threats.

Terrible in visage, and relentless in there attacks the Abyssal Knights tore through reality in a series of attempts to conquer Amber. Both Amber and the universe forged by Corwin known as the Origin were threatened in this war. As the members of the family tried to gain a handle on the situation a plan that was years in the making was enacted. Bleys, lusting after the throne lured Amber’s might from Amber and then using a mighty construct of Trump captured the throne.

But few rest easily upon the throne of Amber, with Knights of the Abyss rampaging through shadow and less than half of the family recognizing his claim his kingship was a tenuous one. A coalition was formed headed by Random and Erick with large amounts of support from younger generation of Amberites which successfully ousted Bleys from the throne.


AshenHaze AshenHaze

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