A tall and slender man, Allerin has long dark brown hair with deep brown eyes. He seems relaxed but ready to move at a moments action.


Allerin is the son of Prince Corwin of Amber. He is a Lord of Amber and Crown Prince of The Origin. His younger sister is Queen Riselka of Alharra.

Allerin is well known for his skills with a blade and his ability to wield the power of trump to great affect. It is rumored that he has found a way to trump from one universe to the other.

He was a member of the group that traveled into The Abyss and rescued Princess Deirdre of Amber. He also fought off the Abyssal attacks that plagued Corwin’s universe for ten years.

He is married to Lady Jaela of House Ashgahn and with her has a son named Daevin.


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