Arnok is a tall young man in excellent shape from hours upon hours of training. His long blonde hair reaches his shoulders and is usually pulled back in the warrior fashion of his home world. He has dark, serious eyes and angular features.


Arnok is a shadow person with considerable talent, originally from a shadow conquered by Lady Jaela of House Ashgahn known as Renwall. He was the first to join Lady Jaela’s army and quickly became her general. He is a very serious man who is skilled with a blade and quite strong for a shadow person. He enjoys a good fight and the chance to learn new fighting styles and techniques.

Arnok has assisted Lady Jaela in leading the army to many glorious victories. Together they fought creatures from The Abyss in both universes. Arnok led the army in assistance of King Jarrin of Esherael to secure his kingdom against rebellious nobels.

Arnok is currently Supreme Fang in Jaela’s elite army known as The Scarlet Fang.


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