Rider of Attor



Mikayla was slain by the powers of the Abyss that were unfortunately released during an Ambush she and Kuru perpetrated upon Cedro. She performed as bravely as she always had, taking grievous wounds but dealing as good as she took. Her death occurred from the life draining effects and Abyssal vortex released from Cedro’s arm, though the final blow was when Cedro sacrificed his life as well as his legendary sword Sigil to ensure that he didn’t enter the dark night alone.

Mikayla stands at about 5’7 1/2”. She carries a muscular, feminine frame, though in now way is slender or petite. Her shoulders are broad, arms and legs muscular. Her skin is dark, though it could either be natural, or from long years spent out in the sun of Attor, training with her men. She has short, slightly wavy black hair, though on the left side, her bangs cover her face in a small array of reds, and there is a longer bit of hair, also an array of reds, that fall past her shoulder. She has many golden piercings, and golden bladed gauntlets as well. She has a fair amount of jewelry (bracelets, choker, some rings). Her clothes are usually oranges, reds and browns. A ‘riding’ shirt is most common for her, along with thick ‘riding’ pants, heavy boots and a wide, angled belt upon her hips.


Mikayla was born and raised in the shadow, Attor, where dragons and riders are not uncommon. In fact, they’re a large part of the military, which is a large part of the shadow’s culture. She earned herself the title of Rider, bonding with her companion, Dion. Together, they trained and raised up in ranks until Mikayla held the title of General. They maintained their place for many a century.

A little more than ten years ago, Mikayla’s father, Bleys of Amber came to retrieve her. She was announced in Amber, and walked the pattern. After that, she and Dion ventured into shadow to explore and learn. Since then, they have returned, and begun an adventuring of a different sort; with her cousins.


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