Galiat's Protector and Captain of the Prismatic Order


Shand is considered a reckless and brave man. He is from Wayland, and was recruited by Lord Galiat of Amber as a personal bodyguard. He now captains the Prismatic Order, on top of his bodyguard position. Shand is tall, with black hair and a well-trimmed beard. Wearing mostly red and white, with a few black highlights, Shand carries himself with a swagger some might (and rightly so) consider arrogant.

A long time ago, Shand slew a demonlord in Wayland and stole his demonsword, earning a great deal of renown across Wayland. When one meets Shand, one normally remembers the man’s supreme confidence, and views it as either very intimidating or quite foolish, depending on one’s own confidence and skill with a blade.

Shand has been known to cast energy magic on occasion, whether this is part of the magic of his demonsword or an inherent ability is unknown.


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