Mistress of the Pattern...


A woman of slender frame sits lounged upon an ornately-carved chair. Golden hair falls in gentle curls down past her shoulders, left loose to fall as it may. Gems of red adorn her forehead and her chest, accented in gold. Her garb reminds the looker of medieval times. Her chin is lifted, head turned aside to let her green eyes survey the card holder with muted interest. Her expression is composed and calculating, a solid mask.


Kerrigan is daughter of Sand, exiled daughter of Oberon.

She grew up in Corallaine with her mother for most of her life. This changed when it was arranged with her uncle Bleys to have her walk Amber’s Pattern. Since then, Kerrigan has become surprisingly interested in learning more and has devoted a large amount of her time into dutifully studying the Pattern and its mysteries.

After walking the Pattern and earning the ability to shadow walk, Kerrigan has since established a new home in the shadow of Redanya, pouring a lot of her studies, efforts and time into the place. But also, she was introduced to a few of her cousins, of which she had no prior knowledge.

After being placed in Rin’s Trump deck, she soon found herself in contact with most of her family, having been pulled into the desperate attempts to save Amber from ruin. Because of her knowledge of the Pattern and the workings of an Amberite’s manipulation, Kerrigan assisted in the cleansing of Amber’s Pattern, and has never been quite the same since.

Manifesting a new power of somesort, perhaps an even better understanding of the Pattern (as she seems to have become infused with the Pattern itself), Kerrigan has been aiding her family in righting what catastrophes have occurred. As time passes, she has shown more control over her new powers, and has been making good progress in both the family and political pieces of life that is Amber.


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