5'9", slim, dark brown hair, green eyes, scar on right cheek


Vince… In a word, he’s independant. He relies on no one but himself to get him through life. Attachments just make things easier. Things tend to come very naturally to him. After losing a friend in an accident at a very young age, Vince took to the medical field. He set out to try and help people like Matt so that their lives did not meet a premature end. The other thing Vince liked was military history. He loved studying ancient civilizations and the developement of war tactics over the eons. Vince began training in martial arts and swordplay in his mid 20s. He incorporated “free running” into his combat style as well as other kinds of acrobatics to throw his enemies off balance in a fight. Vince first noticed he was “different” after a heated battle with his rival, Jacob. They were competing for induction into the final “circle” of their order. Vince had won the fight, but had taken a good stab through the abdomen. The wound was fully healed in just weeks. He also received a cut to his right cheek during the fight. The cut was completely healed by the end of fight but had left a slight discoloration/scar behind it.

Later in life, after having learned to traverse Shadow, Vince settled in a Shadow named Azenar. Azenar is an immense jungle world. Massive trees ascend into the heaves as far as the eye can see, blotting out the sky with their branches and canopy. The jungle is teeming with wild beasts both on the ground below and in the trees above. There are two primary humanoid races that populate Azenar. The first are the Reihoo. The Reihoo live beneath the surface in an extensive network of tunnels. They domesticate giant moles and other burrowing beasts to carve out their civilizations and to fight beside them in battle. The Reihoo are of average size and build but are extremely violent and warlike. Civil war is a constant in their society, primarily because there are countless numbers of them, they live underground, and there is always fighting over food. The other humanoid race are the Sanji. Tribal, nomadic, shamanistic, the Sanji have settlements throughout the jungle. They are both taller and built broader than the Reihoo. They too domesticate the creatures of the wild. This comes out of necessity as their settlements consist of only 50 people or so each and domesticated beasts help with protection. Mostly, they use large felines.

Vince had steered clear of both races for some time. He lived in a small cave at the bottom of small mountain. One day, he caught of wiff of smoke blowing in from the north. When he went to investigate he discovered a Sanji settlement that had been raided by the Reihoo. Vince helped put out the fires and tended to the Sanji wounded. At first weary of this new outsider, the Sanji were still thankful for the assistance. The decision was made the next day to relocate the surviving 20 people to the next nearest settlement. As many of the men were dead or wounded, Vince volunteered to journey with them. He figured he would have to find a new place to live anyway since the Reihoo had apparently dug a new tunnel entrance relatively close to his cave.

When they reached their destination, the elder shaman of the tribe performed a ceremony to make Vince an “honorary Sanji”. He was even bonded to a fantastic specimen of a tiger whose original owner Vince had been able to ease the pain of, but life he was unable to save despite his best efforts. While more than obliged to take in and take care of the refugees, the influx of new population exceeded the capacity of the settlement. The Sanji leaders that night met to discuss the issue. Vince had been passing by the tent and overheard part of the discussion. He poked his head in quite briefly and suggested the construction of cities in the massive trees of the area. Being above ground, they Reihoo would be hard pressed to mount a successful raid. He also mentioned they could try to unite the other settlements into a more consolidated position in said tree cities.

The leaders agreed, though it would take decades to fully implement. The other tribes often proved very difficult to persuade. They liked their autonomy, and the idea of multiple settlements and tribes all living together in one place was hard to sell. There was also a slight religious concern. The ancient trees were sacred to the Sanji. There was debate on whether or not they were permitted to do this thing. Also, where would the materials come from? It was decided that only certain species of the smaller trees could be used to provide the wood to build the cities. The Shamans would also use their magic to help stabilize the the spiraling staircases that would lead up into the city proper. There would be fortifactions built at the base of the tree to defend against attacks (Reihoo or otherwise) and guard the entrance to the city.

Vince was offered honorary positions in the new civilization but respectively declined. Nevertheless, he was regarded with honor and respect as one of the architects of the new Sanji way of life. He was given full ownership of his tiger, Ezka. Ezka is 8 ft long and roughly 5 ft tall. Vince travelled throughout Shadow with Ezka, exploring, bringing news of the new Sanji city to other settlements, and fighting beasts.


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