The Bell Tolls

Rise of The Kuru
Session 34

Things began with a Chaos party in Stormhold, hosted by house Calnesh. There were a number of surprises, Amarisa’s lost love and Xavier’s father was revealed as a high lord of Calnesh.

Kuru reappeared, and was more or less immediately attacked, by both Kerrigan, to see if she was really Kuru, and some unnamed assasin.

House Sawall had a false Benedict serving them, as a pretty pointed message to Amber.

Cadwgan and Vince got into a duel, which devolved into savage clawing at each other.

Amarisa delivered Amber’s message to House Sawall, making an enemy of Mandor in the process.

Jaela had her child, Jaqueline, in Origin.

Rinaldo kissed a lot of ass.

Snipe Hunts and Manhunts
Session 33

Showcasing Amber’s ability to be decedant as well as powerful, Amarisa held parties each evening during her tenure as regent, after the day’s business was done. One party in particular pulled in quite a few guests, most of the family that were still in any kind of favor in Amber.

The party was centered around a comedic play, and some dancing. It witnessed the humiliation of Cyris as wine was dumped on him, and his subsequent near-death at the hands of an assassin. He was barely able to trump out to ask for help, and Amarisa had to take extreme measures to save him, that left Cyris paralyzed for a while.

Once Cyris had recovered a little, Orias organized an expedition to find the Unicorn. The first stop was Yggdrasil’s realm, but he reported that the Unicorn had long left that place.

The safari moved to Arden, where most of the party killed time and wandered the forest, while Cyris and Orias made more of an effort to find the Unicorn. They encountered her, but she was not pleased to see them, and did not help them.

gg Darin
Session 32


Darin’s reckless career comes to an end.

Volume 2
Lords of the Void

Volume I
Rise of the Abyss

The patternfall war had come to an end, and at first it seemed that all was well with the world. But attempts were made to rescue both Dierdre and Brand from the abyss, which opened the universe to a grave new threats.

Terrible in visage, and relentless in there attacks the Abyssal Knights tore through reality in a series of attempts to conquer Amber. Both Amber and the universe forged by Corwin known as the Origin were threatened in this war. As the members of the family tried to gain a handle on the situation a plan that was years in the making was enacted. Bleys, lusting after the throne lured Amber’s might from Amber and then using a mighty construct of Trump captured the throne.

But few rest easily upon the throne of Amber, with Knights of the Abyss rampaging through shadow and less than half of the family recognizing his claim his kingship was a tenuous one. A coalition was formed headed by Random and Erick with large amounts of support from younger generation of Amberites which successfully ousted Bleys from the throne.


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