Tag: Amber


  • Argus of Amber

    Argus is the son of Princess Floramel of Amber. He is a classically handsome man with a keen fashion sense. He can always be found in the latest style, and many Amberite nobles try to emulate his attire. His long strawberry-blonde hair reaches the bottom …

  • Orias

    Picture: Orias Orias first appeared as a chaos lord, possessing Amber blood and claiming his heritage from Osric. He later revealed himself to be Kuru in disguise. Age: Old enough. …

  • Tenison

    *Baron:* Vincent *Location:* Between Amber and Mount Kolvir. *Climate:* Moderate winds at times, snowy winters, mild summers, temperatures roughly the same as Amber. *Chief Resource:* Coal, iron, herbs. *Population:* Small *Recruitment:* 2, …

  • Serenity

    After being gifted the Barony of Tenison, Lord Vincent of Amber ordered ground-breaking for a military school. The goal being to further educate and train Amber’s Finest so that they be better suited against her enemies. Built in the traditional fashion …

  • Vince of Amber

    [[:52410 | Vince]] *Parent:* Mirelle
    *Heraldry Colors:* White, Light Blue, Silver
    *Age:* 640
    *Height:* 5’ 9”
    *Build:* Slim
    *Hair:* Dark Brown
    *Eyes:* Green

  • Allerin

    Allerin is the son of Prince Corwin of Amber. He is a Lord of Amber and Crown Prince of The Origin. His younger sister is Queen Riselka of Alharra. Allerin is well known for his skills with a blade and his ability to wield the power of trump to great …

  • Dalt

    Son of a women Oberon raped while in captivity.

  • Angela

    Diedre's daughter. Roughly the age of the fourth generation of Amberites.

  • Victor

    Victor is the son of Caine and brother to the late Darin of Amber. Though he fell to Cedro and Brand in the Battle for the Unicorn, Victor has made a full recovery and has been seen attending parties in Amber along with his brother's wife Circanna.

  • Osric

    Son of Oberon. Full brother of Finndo and Benedict. After his defeat in the Pattern Room during the retaking of Amber from Brand, he fled into shadow.

  • Bryce

    Brought into Amber at the creation of House Kolvir, Bryce is soft spoken but eloquent. Though he favors simple clothes, he has been wearing a jeweled pin with House Kolvir's colors on it. Like a true man of Amber, he is rarely seen without a blade at …