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  • Amberites

    *Bleys's Children* * *[[Mikayla of Amber]]* *Brand's Children* * *Rinn* is a Trump Artist, he seems to spend most of his time around chaos and -adventuring- with his fellow siblings and Dalt. Battle has been done with Rinn twice, once against him …

  • Clara

    h3. Countess of Amber, Daughter of Cedro *Mother:* [[:48412]]
    *Amber Age:* 65
    *Subjective Age:* Unknown, probably older
    *Heraldry Colors:* Black …

  • Daevin

    _Daevin of Amber, The Origin, and House Ashgahn_ !http://charis2.servegame.com/amber/DaevinFinal.jpg! *Amber Age:* 75
    *Subjective Age:* Unknown, probably older
    *Mother:* Jaela, Guardian of House Ashgahn & Princess of The Origin
    * …