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  • Asturia

    * *Planet shape:* Flat - Merges into other Shadows * *Amber Relevant Time:* 1.1 * *Tech Level:* Medieval - High Age * *Magic:* Typical * *Notes:* Asturia has been host to an Abyssal domain. The corruption is not widespread. *General Information:* …

  • Burgos

    * *Planet shape:* Round - The stars are merely lights * *Amber Relevant Time:* .8 * *Tech Level:* Renaissance * *Magic:* Low *General Information:* Burgos is a bustling shadow that is on the edge of Steampunk techology, but currently has not …

  • Cedro's People

    h3. Allies and Retainers *Jose 'Pepe':* Long time servent of Cedro, this man has been Cedro's aide and helper for almost his entire life. He has seen Cedro at his best and worst, and stuck by him through everything and everything, even hellrides and …

  • ToDieC

    h3. To Die * Kuru of Amber * Brownwyn of Amber * Elrick of House Gevora * Mathis of Amber * The Serpent of Chaos

  • Torvan

    h3. The Golden Circle Kingdom of Torvan * *Planet shape:* Round * *Amber Relevant Time:* 1.5x Amber Time * *Tech Level:* Low Natively - Will support up to High Medieval, no guns. * *Magic:* Low - Native magic focuses on weather and healing. * …

  • Clara

    h3. Countess of Amber, Daughter of Cedro *Mother:* [[:48412]]
    *Amber Age:* 65
    *Subjective Age:* Unknown, probably older
    *Heraldry Colors:* Black …