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  • Chaos Houses

    House [[Ashgahn]]
    Head of House: Lady Serene
    Colors: Royal Blue & Gold
    Specialty: Mercenary Armies and Demon Handlers
    Appearance: Tall; elongated angluar features; pointy ears; and bright, glowing eyes
    House Averall

  • Ashgahn

    House Ashgahn specializes in mercenary armies. They train and recruit both demonic armies as well as more humanoid ones. House Ashgahn chose not to participate in the patternfall war, and now that it is over they find themselves among the more powerful …

  • The City of Lights

    The city of lights stretches out in all its splendor. The sky above it is a black field that shimmers and reflects the lights from below. Extending as far as you can see, the city of lights rests upon a sheet of silver, that reminds you of ice and fire at …

  • Jaela of Chaos

    *Titles:* Guardian of House Ashgahn, Princess of The Origin
    Jaela is an imposing warrior who stands tall, at six foot one inch in human form. She has waist length walnut …

  • Demon Clans

    *Clan Aushvek*
    Specialty: Transformation
    Appearance: Varies. Most common form is insubstancial possibly mist-like.
    *Clan Fragrahp*
    Specialty: Psychic Manipulation
    Appearance: Blue-skinned …

  • Furies of Ka'Veleth

    The Furies are a demon tribe that is affiliated with the larger Clan Zuhlfrehn. The entire tribe is female, they are created by a strange power in Ka'Veleth rather than being born. …

  • Calnesh

    House Calnesh has long been known as a house that cannot field large armies, or wield terrifying magics, but they are never short of allies that can do both of those things. Taking advantage of a hereditary high Psyche, they have cultivated a culture of …

  • The Seventh Fall

    h3. The Barony Of The Seventh Fall (Eshirael) *Baron*: Orias *Location:* The eastern edge of Eshirael, bordering the neighboring kingdom. *Climate:* Rainy. *Chief Resource:* Imps, Gremlins, and other minor mischief/servant demons. * …

  • Stormhold

    The city of Stormhold is dramatic in its construction, even by the standards of the Black Zone. It stands betwixt three massive continents in [[Ka'Veleth]], supported by cyclopian stairways of some kind of strange green stone. The Shadow Storms that …

  • Jarrin

    He is a high-ranking Lord of House Ashgahn and twin to Lady Jaela. He is the eldest son of Lord Charral and Lady Zareeka and brother to Sarine and Makrim. Jarrin is a very competent sorcerer and handles a blade well. He currently rules the Golden …

  • Granork

    Granork is the personal healer for Lord Charral of House Ashgahn. He is a one of the best shapeshifting healers in all of Chaos.

  • Zacksong

    Zacksong is a high-ranking member of House Sawall and a very powerful sorcerer. Infact, he claims to have invented a new school of sorcery although he has yet to show any demonstration of it, and so other Chaos sorcerers are skeptical. He was a major …

  • Sarine

    Sarine is a talented sorceress and a very political creature. She often helps with the operations of House Ashgahn. She is the daughter of Lord Charral and Lady Zareeka. She is sister to Jaela, Jarrin, and Makrim. Sarine is married to Duke Galiat of …

  • Makrim

    Makrim is the youngest son of Lord Charral and Lady Zareeka. He is a very competent warrior and has spent a great deal of time training demons in House Ashgahn's army. He is brother to Jaela, Jarrin, and Sarine.

  • Zareeka

    Lady Zareeka is originally from House Pelinal and became part of House Ashgahn when she married Lord Charral. She is mother to Jaela, Jarrin, Sarine, and Makrim. She is known to be a very talented sorceress.

  • Charral

    Lord Charral is the Blade Master of House Ashgahn and quite possibly the second most powerful person in the house. He is the husband of Lady Zareeka and the father of Jarrin, Jaela, Sarine, and Makrim.