Tag: The Origin


  • Jaela of Chaos

    *Titles:* Guardian of House Ashgahn, Princess of The Origin
    Jaela is an imposing warrior who stands tall, at six foot one inch in human form. She has waist length walnut …

  • Daevin

    _Daevin of Amber, The Origin, and House Ashgahn_ !http://charis2.servegame.com/amber/DaevinFinal.jpg! *Amber Age:* 75
    *Subjective Age:* Unknown, probably older
    *Mother:* Jaela, Guardian of House Ashgahn & Princess of The Origin
    * …

  • Allerin

    Allerin is the son of Prince Corwin of Amber. He is a Lord of Amber and Crown Prince of The Origin. His younger sister is Queen Riselka of Alharra. Allerin is well known for his skills with a blade and his ability to wield the power of trump to great …

  • Riselka

    Riselka is the daughter of Prince Corwin of Amber. She was born and grew up in the Origin and is currently Queen of Alharra. She is sister to Allerin, Crown Prince of The Origin. She has a rather cold demeanor but a very sharp mind. She usually resides …