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  • Tenison

    *Baron:* Vincent *Location:* Between Amber and Mount Kolvir. *Climate:* Moderate winds at times, snowy winters, mild summers, temperatures roughly the same as Amber. *Chief Resource:* Coal, iron, herbs. *Population:* Small *Recruitment:* 2, …

  • Serenity

    After being gifted the Barony of Tenison, Lord Vincent of Amber ordered ground-breaking for a military school. The goal being to further educate and train Amber’s Finest so that they be better suited against her enemies. Built in the traditional fashion …

  • Vince of Amber

    [[:52410 | Vince]] *Parent:* Mirelle
    *Heraldry Colors:* White, Light Blue, Silver
    *Age:* 640
    *Height:* 5’ 9”
    *Build:* Slim
    *Hair:* Dark Brown
    *Eyes:* Green

  • Vince

    Vince... In a word, he's independant. He relies on no one but himself to get him through life. Attachments just make things easier. Things tend to come very naturally to him. After losing a friend in an accident at a very young age, Vince took to the …