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Abyssal powers are generally used by Abyssal Knights and a few Amberites. It is a power of space and to an extent time, the ending of things and how they connect. It is a strong power, as real as the pattern or logrus. Gaining it requires undertaking the Abyssal Trials which require both a strong mind and body.

Abyss Knight – 35 Points

The Abyssal Knight may use his hands to tear shadow itself, creating a temporary path between the current location and the destination. This action can be done in seconds, though the destination must be the Abyss or a corrupted shadow.

Abyssal Knights are bound to any weapon they’ve used for a significant time. With only a thought the location of the item changes returning to there hand unless held in place by something of substance.

Bore is the abyssal knights method of travel through shadow. It must be done in a highly corrupted zone, usually the Abyss itself and it takes a significant time, hours at least. The path goes to a location that the target person or thing of substance is largely present, usually targeting primal shadows when possible. The Bore evidences as some sort of tear in the earth and people can climb through a bore and up into the target shadow.

Where an Abyssal knight walks he may corrupt shadow itself, slowly changing it from shadow into an Abyss like form. This allows the Abyssal knight to create areas that he may rip too, and that are less easily assailable enemies. The Abyssal Knight also has the ability to protect people from his own corruption.


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