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Base Alchemy – 20 Points

Alchemist’s Eye: Shadow is pervious to the principles of Alchemy, and thus a trained Alchemist can investigate any Shadow item or place quite deeply. The influence of powers in the past can be seen, as can the composition of the shadow item or place, and how it will react to Alchemical workings. This isn’t a power to see through objects, but rather to inspect the ones in front of the Alchemist. It works also on items of Substance but much less reliably, especially if they are charged with Powers.

Conjure Flux: Flux is a strange substance, silvery gray, so finely grained that it flows like a liquid, but too heavy to be blown about by one’s breath. It pours effortlessly into any crack, and acts as a sort of power-lubricant. It is essential for most applications of Alchemy, and when applied to any construct or other working of power where multiple people or multiple powers are working in concert, it makes the overall process a bit easier.
This ability allows the Alchemist to conjure pure Flux out of Shadow. Making a few handfulls to perform Alchemy presents no real problem. Making a dumptruck load of it would cause some strain.

Empowered Shadow: Items of shadow can be made stronger, sharper, more durable, brighter, cleaner, etc. An Alchemist can bring a shadow item up to its Ideal state easily, and even made it stronger than it could ever have been. These transformations are never permanent if done on the fly, but if prepared in a lab with some proper care, a better than normal quality item can be permanently created.

Reforge: Alchemy can also reshape items, bending them into new forms more useful to the alchemist. Like most powers of Alchemy it works better on items of Shadow than Substance. Items cannot gain or lose mass, though multiple items can be transmuted into a single thing for greater size if needed. Doing this to a Shadow item destroys the item in favor of whatever it’s getting transmuted into. Doing it to a Substance item is hard, as stated, and the item will often revert over time.

Unravel Shadow: The most crude application of Alchemy allows Shadow substance to be unraveled into its base elements, essentially destroying it. Given time, and appropriately large apparatus, an Alchemist could destroy an entire shadow, but that is rarely done. Usually it simply means that inconvenient shadow items like doors etc will barely slow an Alchemist down. Items of Substance can be destroyed but it’s almost never worth the effort, and items of Power are impervious to this use of Alchemy, or at least, Alchemy alone cannot destroy them, though it might be part of a method of destruction.

Spirit Alchemy – 35 Points

To be revealed…

Transcendent Alchemy – 50 Points

To be revealed…


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