Argus of Amber

Argus is the son of Princess Floramel of Amber. He is a classically handsome man with a keen fashion sense. He can always be found in the latest style, and many Amberite nobles try to emulate his attire. His long strawberry-blonde hair reaches the bottom of his ears. Argus is medium height and well-proportioned.

He has a very strong mind and a very aggressive personality. He was instrumental in the closing of several abyssal rifts that appeared in Amber, Forest Arden, and an Abyss Portal in Attor. He had originally been on Prince Bleys’ side of the Throne War in Amber, but after a betrayal from Lady Mikayla, the daughter of Bleys, he washed his hands of the matter.

At the end of the Throne War, during a ceremony to honor the supporters of King Random, Argus was publicly humiliated and banished from Amber.

Many years later, Argus kidnapped King Random’s wife Vialle, with her unborn child, and Martin. Though both were eventually rescued, Argus had incapacitated them both with some magical form of poison. Argus’s own mother, the Princess Floramel, in a desperate attempt to redeem herself betrayed Argus and gave the King all the information needed to mount a full-scale attack on Argus’s military stronghold.

A large contingent of Amberites from the younger generation were involved in the mission. Though not fairing too badly at the beginning, Argus’s forces soon crumpled. The Chaosian sorceror Zacksong was captured by High Admiral Galiat after he tracked down his location after a teleport spell. Argus was nearly killed but captured by Cyris as Cyris boldly chased him down to his shadow of “Hallway”. While Argus’s bodyguards tried to deal with Cyris, Argus was working on closing the shadow opening they had came through so he could no longer be followed. Cyris was able to kill all six of the bodyguards and then used a sorcery spell to almost completely burn Argus to death. At that time, Argus pronounced his Bloodcurse on his enemies: Cyris, Random, and Bleys.

Argus is now the prisoner of King Random and will most likely be tortured mercilessly for the forseeable future.

Argus of Amber

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