Asrin Codex

The Asrin Codex is a series of runic inscriptions, imbued with the power of the Inscriber. The symbols can be complex and difficult to replicate at times, with minor alterations causing vastly different effects. A dedicated student of the Codex, however, can create complex series of inscriptions, capable of interesting effects.

A basic understanding of the Asrin Codex can simply be learned from a skilled teacher, requiring only an ability to replicate the delicate patterns and a basic understanding of the power. However, more skilled Inscribers must make a pilgrimage to the power source of the Codex and undergo grueling initiation rites.

Runes can be inscribed on various materials, each with slightly different effects, metal and stone being the standard. The runes themselves can also be divided into the Five Major Facets, each containing a passive and an active type.

Rune Types

-Passive runes are runes that have a constant effect. The most common examples of these are runes of warding. Things that enact barriers against other powers or increase the strength of an item. Once the initial power is gone the power starts to drain from the inscriber or collapses.

-Active runes are runes that must be activated. They generally have a single rapid effect such as transportation or unleashing some kind of force. An example of this is a rune of transportation. The power comes almost entirely from the invoker though the rune itself will be unusable for a time.

Rune Facets

-Facet of the Elements (Earth, Wind, Fire, Water)

-Facet of Force

-Facet of Guarding

-Facet of Senses

-Facet of Transportation

Inscriber (20 Points)

An Inscriber has the ability to inscribe single simple runes. These runes call upon the power of the Codex, but are powered mostly by the inscriber. The power used when activated comes from the Inscriber or the activator. This power can be learned, with no initiation necessary.

Initiate (35 Points)

An Initiate of the Codex has made the sojourn to the codex and gone through the rites. They gain several new abilities.

Rune Type Ward

A rune can be designed with a simple trigger, such as the use of a power or the intrusion into a specified area.

Rune String

Multiple runes may be bound together to create more complicated effects. A rune of force might be combine with runes of fire to have interesting effects.


Runes may be drawn into the air, causing them to hang in place. This method requires a lot more energy on the part of the Initiate than do physical runes, but have the advantage of being quickly formed for the situation. A common usage for this is to set up transportation points or to make a ward against entry.

Invoker (60 Points)

To Be Announced

Asrin Codex

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