Bloodcurse: Cedro curses Kuru after the loss of an eye.

The following words were spoken with the blood of Amber in Cedro’s mouth, his eye and face ruined, his mind brimming with hate as he stared into the darkest pit in the universe.

“All you words twist from your mouth, all your reasons hollow. Neither hearth nor home to shelter you, orphaned by all your allies forevermore.”

Bloodcurse: Victor curses Brand as he lies dying.

Bloodcurse: Beryl curses Rhiannon as she lies burning.

During the battle to retake the pattern from Brand and the Void was burned with black flames by Rhiannon. As her sorcerous defenses crumpled she cried out in anguish.

“You will be lost so far in the dark that the light will never reach you, the currents of pain will embrace you and the silence will be forever.”

Bloodcurse: Argus curses Cyris, and possibly others as he is hunted by agents of Random.

After a full-fledged assault on his home Shadow, Argus was cornered by Cyris and Amarisa in “Hallway”. While trying to close the shadow opening, Cyris cast a sorcerous spell of “Inferno”, burning Argus alive and all but killing him.

“May you give freely to your enemies that which you hold most dear. May your lips only speak nonsense. May your thoughts be incomprehensible even to yourself. May you be a prisoner in your own mind.”


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