Bryce of Kolvir

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Bryce of Kolvir

  • Lineage: Sired by Eric of Amber, Prince of House Kolvir
  • Status: Illegitimate in Amber
  • Titles: Champion of House Kolvir
  • Age: Unknown but presumed quite old.
  • Shadows of Note: Aurellia
  • Personal Colors: Black & Red & Gold

Bryce is a soft spoken man who is nonetheless eloquent. He seemed unused to raising his voice, and careful in his interactions. He is polite without being stiff, and carries himself with a great deal of dignity. Like all Amberites, he has a temper, but he does not allow it to master him very often. He carries a blade as if it were a part of him, an obvious habit of many centuries.

Always with Bryce is a man named Pierce, who is obviously old, but still fit and tough. The older man defers to Bryce out of habit that has become instinct, the two often perform activities or maneuvers without any obvious communication required.

Bryce prefers to wear plain clothes, though they are always of the highest quality for what they are. He’s not adverse to formal dress, but reserves it for formal occasions. Despite that, he has of late taken to wearing either a broach with House Kolvir’s heraldry on it, or an armband with the same. Those who are taking an interest in the politics of the emerging Houses of Amber will note that Bryce has been named House Kolvir’s Champion at Arms.

Bryce’s Sword – Regulus:
Regulus is a blade of pure, mirror-like steel, with no forging marks on it at all. The blade’s blood groove is especially deep, and present on only one side. The hilt is made of gold, but remains strong, and the handle is wrapped in black leather. The pommel stone is a smooth orb of metal that is primarily gray but takes on a sheen of other colors, gold, red, blue, etc.

Bryce of Kolvir

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