Cedro of Amber


Cedro was slain by an ambush perpetrated by his long-time enemy, Kuru of Amber. Attacked in a hallway in Amber, he was beset by Kuru, and then quickly thereafter by Mikayla and Bronwyn. He fought them both in a brutal battle, slaying Mikayla as others arrived and dying shortly thereafter.

Count of Amber: His County is called Arborview, just near Arden. Upon his death, this County passed to his eldest daughter, Clara.

Cedro is not a tall man, but he’s athletically built and carries himself with a great deal of pride and energy. He’s ready with a smile, or a kind word, until his honor is called into question, or he’s offended in some way, and then his face goes stern and hard.

His colors are black and royal blue, and he carries a blade of blue steel.

The beginning of Cedro’s journal can be found here.

The second part of Cedro’s journal continues here.

Cedro of Amber

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