Chaos Houses

House Ashgahn
Head of House: Lady Serene
Colors: Royal Blue & Gold
Specialty: Mercenary Armies and Demon Handlers
Appearance: Tall; elongated angluar features; pointy ears; and bright, glowing eyes

House Averall
Head of House: Lord Vesrod
Colors: Dark Green & Violet
Specialty: Logrus Lore
Appearance: Bright red eyes; brown hair; and fangs

House Calnesh
Head of House: Lord Zangar
Colors: Red & Gold
Specialty: Psychic Manipulations, Politicians
Appearance: Light almost translucent skin; glowing pale hair; and light blue eyes

House Chanicut
Head of House: Lord Kharisador
Colors: Scarlet & Royal Blue
Specialty: Shadowcrafting and Transportation
Appearance: Pale Blusish skin; sea-green hair; and metallic eyes

House Daunyee
Head of House: Lord Ryph
Colors: White & Gold
Specialty: Spies and Information Brokers
Appearance: Skin changes based on surroundings; hair is made up of moving tenticals; and completely black eyes

House Elfrik
Head of House:Lord Tanthar
Colors: Black & Silver
Specialty: Shapeshifting
Appearance: Any and every form

House Faerlyn
Head of House: Lady Athnese
Colors: Green & Silver
Specialty: Trump Artistry
Appearance: Lavendar hair; golden tinted skin; and bright green eyes

House Gevore
Head of House: Lord Nyssem (DECEASED)
Colors: Yellow & Green
Specialty: Serpent Priests
Appearance: scaled skin; glowing yellow eyes; and long, drooping earlobes

House Helibore
Head of House: Lord Angosious
Colors: Scarlet & Purple
Specialty: Assassins and Mercenaries
Appearance: Fair skin; very thick, unruely hair of any color; and solid blue eyes

House Hendrake
Head of House: Lord Marak
Colors: Silver & Grey
Specialty: Soldiers and Duelists
Appearance: Fair skin; dark hair; dark eyes; bulky build

House Kelvesh
Head of House: Lord Ildor
Colors: Rust Orange & Dark Brown
Specialty: Negotiators and Traders
Appearance: Glowing skin; dull brown eyes; expressionless faces

House Lebral
Head of House: Lord Palnril
Colors: Black & Fushia
Specialty: Conjuration and Magic Items
Appearance: Large, rounded body; medium skin tones; rounded features; and pointy teeth

House Menrod
Head of House: Lord Goasen
Colors: Royal Blue & Orange
Specialty: Demon Handlers
Appearance: Large, muscular body; red skin; hooves; and clawed hands

House Pelinal
Head of House: Lord Olgari
Colors: Black & White
Specialty: Sorcery and Mysticism
Appearance: Short; blonde hair; glowing blue eyes; and abnormally long fingers

House Sawall
Head of House: Lord Merlin
Colors: Black & Scarlet
Specialty: Keepers of the Logrus, Politicians
Appearance: Fair skinned; dark hair; and dark eyes

House Swayvill
Head of House: King Teremus Swayvill
Colors: Royal Blue & Purple
Specialty: Royal House
Appearance: Dark hair; solid red eyes; clawed hands; Strong, pronounced bone structure

House Tiaem
Head of House: Lady Talia
Colors: Brown & Light Blue
Specialty: Scholars and Historians
Appearance: Short; dark leathery skin; white hair; and wings

Chaos Houses

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