Galiat of Amber



Galiat stands 6’2’’, with somewhat shaggy blond hair and a goatee. His eyes are a b right, clear green and his face is handsome, with a strong jaw. His build is athletic. Normally he is seen wearing dark green gloves and trousers that flare out towards the bottom, very loose fitting and billowy. These match the style of his pure white lace up shirt, which also fits freely at the arms. His clothes are of good cut and a strange material, yet have no embroidery or frippery to them. On his fingers are several plain white-gold rings, and a bracer adorns his left arm.


The son of Gerard, Galiat spent most of his life growing up in a shadow called Wayland. He has never been formally announced in the Halls of Amber, though has been recently making his name more known among his relatives and was last seen traveling towards Chaos. He is also known as a fairly competent sorcerer.

Galiat of Amber

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