Jaela of Chaos

Titles: Guardian of House Ashgahn, Princess of The Origin

Jaela is an imposing warrior who stands tall, at six foot one inch in human form. She has waist length walnut brown hair that cascades down her back in tight ringlets. She is stunningly beautiful with purple glimmering eyes and long eyelashes set in an angular face with high cheekbones and pointed ears. Her body is slender, yet fit, muscles toned from years of rigorous exercises and fighting.

In her Chaos form, she grows taller and her limbs extend. Her skin becomes miniature shining white scales and her purple eyes turn golden and grow wider. Her hair turns golden and her fingernails become sharp claws.

She generally wears the colors of her House, royal blue and gold, a gold circlet round her head and many gold bracelets decorate her arms. On her hip is Caderyn, a long sword with a golden hilt and a blade as black as the Abyss, dark blue shimmers run it’s length. A deep blue gem which encases golden flakes rests in it’s pommel.

Jaela is the daughter of Lord Charral, High Lord & Master of Arms of House Ashgahn and Lady Zareeka a Logrus Master and Sorceress. She is twin to Jarrin, Lord of Ashghan & King of Esherael, and sister to Lady Sarine and Lord Makrim. She is known throughout Chaos as an exceptional swordswoman having trained for years with her father.

She traveled to Amber on a diplomatic mission and then traveled through shadow with some of the younger Amberites in order to destroy invading Abyssal Knights. She also assisted in the defense of Amber against the Serpent of Chaos and was instrumental in the retrieval of the serpent’s second eye.

Jaela is married to Allerin of Amber, Crown Prince of The Origin. Together they have a handsome son named Daevin and a lovely daughter Jack.

Oh, and Jaela is Queen of Chaos fyi.

Jaela of Chaos

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