Kuru Of Amber

Picture: Kuru of Amber

Kuru lived, died, lived, and then died again while fighting for Amber.

She fought against the serpent of chaos, ripping its eye from the inside out and remaining living even after being reduced to nothing more than a blob of flesh.

Returning to Amber, Kuru murdered Cedro for the treachery against her during the fight with the serpent and the bloodcurse he laid upon her, dieing as well.

Brought back by Jaela and returning as Orias for a time, Kuru sought ought to restore Ta’Viash who had a piece of him die while restoring her to life. Once this was done, she sought to have her bloodcurse lifted and to return to Amber so she might defend it and King Random from harm.

She died to the hands of Cedro’s mother Deirdre, who also perished at the same time, and laid a final blessing of blood upon King Random for him to rule forever in Amber.

Picture: Kuru after the battle with the serpent.

Picture: Kuru in her shapeshifted Orias persona.

Picture: Kuru after being reborn through Ta’Viash and the Logrus.

Journal: Kuru Of Amber

Theme Song from Lords Of The Void: Broken Wings

Them Song from Talons Of Eternity: Origa – Rise

Age: Pattern Walked: 17 | Died: 151

Height: 5’3”

Body type: Athletic

Eyes: Seafoam green

Hair: Platinum, bordering on white.

Demeanor: Generaly stoic and calm on the outside, Kuru does not often smile.

Clothing: An outfit designed to allow complete felxibility and mobileness, as well as show off her features.

Weapons: Ta’Viash, a great demon bonded with Kuru and the weapon he inhabits. One of only two known weapons to be able to fire as a gun in all places of existence.

Alias’: Ghost, Orias.

Shadows Of Note

Kuru Of Amber

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