Lagolakoin The Half Demon

Picture: Lagolakoin!

Age: Who’s counting?!

Height: Well, if you count my back talons, almost eight feet!

Body type: Slim and curvy

Eyes: Lavender

Hair: Long light blue hair that branches out on either side of her head at the top almost like a pair of downward cat ears, the rest of it is a massive thick straight length that goes down all the way to the floor.

Demeanor: Lagolakoin has a generally curious personality. She is usually friendly, even in the middle of battle, and some might even view her as a bit…well, simple.

Clothing: While full demons have a lot of armor and spikes and whatnot that has no need of clothing, Lagolakoin’s humanoid form is a bit more bare. As such, she often wears a deep purple dress that criss-cross wraps in strips around her upper body and ties into a bow around her neck, the lower half bells out into a large thick full skirt, tied in the back by a very large bow.

Weapons: While Lagolakoin has two deadly weapons sprouting out from behind her back that work as a pair of weapons that function as arms (albeit horribly sharp!), she is also seen wielding at times a large two handed sword that seems to appear and disappear at her whim!

Alias’: Korak’s Nightmare, The Demon Of Malnoir, Koin, Lagola.

Lagolakoin The Half Demon

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