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Logrus Adept – 25 Points

Walking the logrus is a risky proposition, though it grants ample powers. It is such a dangerous task that characters without basic shapeshifting are unable to survive. Even with shapeshifting injuries are common and temporary madness inevitable.

Using the Logrus is different from using the pattern, it is a more active process. Everytime a character wishes to use her powers she must “Bring up the Logrus” a process that requires some concentration to do and takes between ten and thirty seconds, longer if the character is doing something else. The logrus may be mantained passively with concentration, allowing the character to do other things, however if the character is actually using the Logrus it takes a large amount of concentration.

Logrus Sight
The character is able to bring up the logrus and look through its center. This allows the character to be able to see other powers and there effects not visible to the naked eye. It is also how a Logrus Adept is able to easily traverse shadow. In chaos the shadows are thing and often broken and with the sight a Logrus user may see where it is thin enough for a person to travel through. It may also be used to locate more permanent shadow paths. A more limited version of Logrus sight may be used through a tendril, allowing the character to see powers as well as a visual.

Logrus Sorcery
The Logrus is a magical power. Character’s with the Logrus may hang spells on it, a dozen is standard though more may be hung depending on the character’s psyche. These spells degrade relatively quickly and require signifigant maintenance, about ten minutes per spell per day.

Retrieving Items
A character may extend tendrils through shadow attempting to find an object of there desire. Once they find it they pull it to them. This may be used for people as well though it is contested by there psyche. This can be combined with Logrus sight for effective scouting of small areas of shadow.

Logrus Tendrils
Logrus tendrils are generally insubstantial and used for sight or reaching through shadow. Insubstantial tendrils may also be used to attempt to engage other powers in psychic conflict. Tendrils also may be used in a physical sense. When a tendril is substantial it is visible to the naked eye and affected by weapons etc. A tendril generally is only substantial at its end, though the insubstantial part remains visible. A tendril acts with a chaos rank warfare. They may also be used as a weapon using the character’s warfare, though it is significantly reduced. Physical tendrils may also be used to cast spells that were hung on the Logrus.


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