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Pierce of Aurellia

  • Race: Aurellian – Golden Circle Area
  • Age: Many centuries, immensely old for a man of Shadow
  • Profession: General, Bodyservent, and Bodyguard to Bryce of Kolvir
  • Titles: General of the Grand Legion; First of Companions; Judicator of Aurellia

Description: Pierce is very much the old soldier, a veteran of countless conflicts and campaigns. He is gruff and plainspoken, though he knows how to be polite to the right people. He’s never had courtly manners forced on him nor has he shown a desire to acquire them. When in a situation that requires a great deal of protocol, he merely remains quiet and lets others take the floor.

Pierce is a legend in his home shadow of Aurellia as both general and swordsman, and by his proximity to ‘The Bryce’. His ability to anticipate Bryce’s needs and plans is uncanny, his loyalty unquestioned. He does not mug for glory or fame, preferring to be comfortable between campaigns. That said, he does not mind impressing beautiful women with his tales, nor scaring soldiers too young to know sense with a particularly grim story of battle.

Pierce has never married, but may have many children in Aurellia or beyond. If such things have happened, they were hushed up. Pierce is a soldier’s soldier, knowing the best way to live at war, and what is truly important away from the battlefield.


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