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Basic Sorcery 15 Points

Basic sorcery allows a character to use spells. Spells are ranked from 1-8, 1 being the simplest and least energy intensive, 8 being the most challenging. Basic sorcery allows the use of Rank 1 and 2 spells efficiently. Higher rank spells may be cast but they have an immense energy drain. Casting spells is a fairly long process, involving some form of method and concentration such as chanting and gestures. This is rarely convenient when you need the spell cast so a sorcerer casts his spells in advance, leaving them with only a few words remaining called lynchpins. Lynchpins are generally variables such at: Target, duration, size, dispel word or other similar things.

Hanging Spells
The method described above in casting a spell in advance is called hanging spells. Spells may be hung on items prepared in advance for spell storage or on certain powers such as the logrus. Generally an item can hold about a dozen spells. Hanging a spell takes the full cast time of a spell. The lynchpins must be decided when the spell is hung. Each spell requires daily maintenance of about 5 minutes, so a sorcerer spends about an hour a day maintaining his hung spells.

Casting Spells
Casting spells involves invoking the lynchpins. Each lynchpin is a word or short series of words taking between two and three seconds to say. Once all of the lynchpins are said the spell is cast. Spells may be cast without being hung, they take about five minutes per rank.

A spell may be cast much quicker, without hanging or casting properly. This is called a surge. When a character casts a spell with a surge, it is cast in the least efficient way possible, greatly draining the caster. A person with chaos rank endurance would fall unconsciousness from doing this.

A sorcerer may always try to counter another persons spell by hurling energy at it. Generally this takes more energy than the spell being countered and requires psychic advantage. Counter may be used on a spell that is being cast which the sorcerer has line of sight on. Already cast spells etc. cannot be affected by counter.


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