The city of Stormhold is dramatic in its construction, even by the standards of the Black Zone. It stands betwixt three massive continents in Ka’Veleth, supported by cyclopian stairways of some kind of strange green stone. The Shadow Storms that rage between the continents lash at the stairways, warping them and cracking them. At any given time there are many demons at work on one of the stairways, making sure that the twists and cracks don’t become so extreme that the stairway itself would shatter.

The city is gray and dark blue for the most part, composed of an outer ring of walls and a great maze of buildings inside. The city is divided into 5 sections which are partially separated from each other by canals that open up to the eternal storm. The architecture is old and grim, favoring gargoyles, twisted spires, spiked roofs, and lots of hard sharp angles. Demons crawl, walk, and fly through the city in swarms. They swear loyalty to this lord today and that lord tomorrow, keeping their heads down and keeping the city running. There are demons who rise into the political struggle here, of course, but the majority of the residents are demons who wish only to keep living relatively undisturbed.

The city itself reportedly would remain where it is, even if the stairways are destroyed. The other walls of the city are scrawled with runic designs that change not in response to the chaos of the Shadow Storms, but of their own accord. In times ancient even by Chaos reckoning, the walls were woven out of Logrus power and Sorcery, and they have endured untouched by the storms. The stairways were created later, when the nobles using Stormhold began to take some interest in the land of Ka’Veleth.

The city was created in the midst of a terrible Shadow Storm because it allows for undetectable Shadow Paths to be made from nearly any point in the Black Zone. These hardy paths traverse the worst and most unstable areas of Chaos, allowing Lords and Ladies to travel to Stormhold to do business without having their movements tracked.

Stormhold has always been a center of political dealings, and has risen in importance as the civil war rages on and Thelbane’s influence wanes. Stormhold is not neutral, but it is divided enough between various houses that an uneasy peace exists here. Few are willing to perform overt acts of violence here, lest they gain three enemies for every one they slay. Assassins, poisoners, and kidnappers do very good business in the city, of course.

There are five main sections to the city of Stormhold, and each is controlled more or less by a House of Chaos. The central spire of the city has not been held by any powerful faction for eons. Once it housed the rulers of the city, but it has long been a place for deals to be cut, the most neutral ground in the city. Any House making a move on the central spire or the rest of the city of Stormhold would be met with fierce resistance. For now it remains a valuable asset.


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