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Trump is a visual and artistic power that relies on Psychic energy. That means that all expressions of Trump must have a visual component, and the energy involved will always be primarily acting upon or through the Psyche of some person or creature. Trump power cannot by itself affect things, it always requires a mind or some other active agent. On the other hand, Trump connections are in a sense permanent. Once created, a Trump connection is always a window to the place or person depicted in the Trump.

Trump Artistry – 30 Points

Create Trumps: The greatest and most fundamental ability of the Trump Artist is to create Trumps, psycic windows to another person or place no matter where they or it might be in Shadow. It is traditional to make a Trump about the size of a playing card but there is really no upper limit to the size of a Trump, though anything larger than a person is going to make creating the Trump take more time. Trumps are stronger than their original materials, being as resistant to damage as highly tempered steel. They are cool to the touch, and will make even persons with a Human Level Psyche feel that there is something strange about them.

Creating a Trump requires access to the Psychic Nature of the subject. That means that one can not simply create a trump from a mundane photograph or painting of the subject. Nor can one create a Trump with just a mere memory of what the subject looks like. Usually, the person must be on hand to create a Trump. Creating a Trump without the subject on-hand requires more skill than a Trump Artist has.

Trump creation takes at least two hours to do properly, depending on the skill, psyche, and methods of the Artist. The process of creating a Trump is a mystical one, but requires mundane tools such as pencils, cardstock or canvas, paints or other colors, etc.

Trump Sensitivity: Working so much with Trump Energies makes a Trump Artist sensitive to them more so than mere Psyche would allow. When someone is reciving a trump within conversational distance, a Trump Artist is likely to notice. They may also notice that an object is a Trump without having to actually touch the item. Finally, Trump Artists get a split second more reaction time than those who do not manipulate Trump when getting a Trump Call.


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