Wyld magic is about channeling energy. Its primary attributes are endurance and psyche. The Wyld originates in the center of everything marked by Yig, gaining access to the Wyld requires an attunement process from Yig.

Wyld Mage (20 Points)

Bringing up the Wyld takes between thirty seconds and a minute. The Wyld itself acts as a slight barrier to powers. While up the Wyld actively draws power from the shadow its in. This energy may be used to boost any power the character uses. The Wyld doesn’t charge quickly so it allows for boosts to powers, but repeated boosts will either fail or damage shadow itself. As the wyld gains in strength it becomes more and more visible, starting as a faint glow and then additional magic appearing effects as it continues.

A wyld mage may imbue an item with energy gathered through the wyld, this stone may later be used to power spell effects and even powers.

Sense powers
A wyld mage cannot “see” powers though she can sense them when they are near, this sense is a bit more accurate than hearing for location.

Drain Energy
Rather than passively draining magic from shadow a wyld mage may attempt to siphon it off from a power, the energy must be near enough for her to sense. If the power is actively being used it may be resisted though this doesn’t create a psychic contact.

Wyld Blast
Unleash all of your wyld energy at a target, dealing damage depending on your psyche and wyld. This blast may be fatal to people of shadow, and damaging to people of reality. The sudden influx of power directly attacks there endurance.


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