Wyrd magic is a power in shadow. Its source is the center of the universe, where Yig is. The wyrd manifests as a mist surrounding the central areas of the shadow. The primary attribute for Wyrd magic is Endurance. Similar to sorcery or shape shifting, most of the power of Wyrd comes from the user themself, as such psyche plays a roll as well.

Wyrd Initiate (20 Points)

The Wyrd A wyrd mage may bring up the wyrd, causing tendrils of mist to wrap around them. The effect is not subtle but does not have to be extended beyond the mage. The full effect takes around 30 seconds to activate.

The mist may be extended outward from the character. Powers etc. that come into contact with the mist are easily distinguished. The mist may actively engage these powers if so directed by the wyrd mage. The amount of mist that can be gathered is dependent on the endurance of the character. The Wyrd mage can see through the mists, though others cannot without some additional use of power. The mist will often recoil from stronger powers.

Mist Tendrils
The Wyrd adept may extend tendrils from the mist with which he can sense powers and and shapes. These tendrils also gain the ability to gain form and strike or grab at things.

Small shapes and forms may be created in the mist. The speed at which they form and how many is dependant on the psyche of the character. At Wyrd initate creatures about the size of a large dog may be created, these are substantial and may take damage and attack with claws.


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