• Planet shape: Flat
  • Amber Relevant Time: 2x
  • Tech Level: Primitive
  • Magic: Very Mystical

General Information: At the edge of the shadow is a large sea, leading off into the mists. At the center of the island lies a massive, decrepit castle, covered in ivy and retaken by the elements. Surrounding this castle is a large, twisted hedgemaze, The Drysfa, stretching for miles in all directions.

Rolling hills covered in thick, dark forest span the horizon, and the large black peaks of the Eryri mountains pierce the ice-blue and silver sky to the north. Though the dazzling days of the Shadow may keep the Dark Creatures at bay, shelter must be sought quickly for any who venture into Caernarfon, as dusk brings a black and starless night, void of the refuge of light.

The lands are inhabited by a handful of nature-worshiping humanoid clans, which protect the forests and prevent any outsiders from journeying into the depths of the Drysfa. Brave warriors from the clans often attempt pilgrimages to the Castle, but many become lost in the hedgerows or stray too long and are never seen again. Those who return often become Shamans in their clan, and boast strange and unknown powers. Local legend tells of a race of faeriefolk who inhabit the thorny labyrinth, and the Castle within.

These clans represent a constantly shifting power struggle within the Shadow. Alliances bend and break as clans vie for traditional hunting grounds and safe havens from the Beasts of the Mountains.

Few venture far into the Eryri Mountains. The high, black peaks have been said to house a brood of dangerous and mysterious creatures. These large, winged and scaled creatures hunt the lands of Caernarfon at night, looking to feed. Though sightings are rare, hundreds of the beasts fly over the land every Midwinter, wreaking havoc. On cold days, a dark, black smoke often rises from the black crags of the mountains. Treasure beyond imagining is said to lie beyond those dark spires, but at what cost?


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