• Planet shape: Round
  • Amber Relevant Time: 2.0
  • Tech Level: Moderate – Similar to Shadow Earth’s Industrial Revolution
  • Magic: Prevalent

General Information:

Dyonisia sits relatively close to Chaos, just outside of the Black Circle. The surface of the world is covered in a sea of molten rock, with a sparse distribution of traveling islands. These rocky isles are apparently of rock of higher melting point, and lower density than the surrounding seas, resulting in the floating, and therefore migrating, effect.

Situated at each pole are two static continents, apparently held there by their heavily magnetic makeup. Lord Admiral Darin of the Nine Seas rules from the Northern continent, while Royal Marshall Colwyn of the Red Skies holds domain over the South.

Native dragons are used for air-travel between continents and their surrounding isles, though some find large seafaring vessels to be preferable, especially for mass transportation.

Dyonisia is largely industrial, its economy relying largely on oceanic drilling for minerals and factorial production of goods. Many islands on the world contain clusters of factories, using the heat of the molten seas as an energy source to produce goods.


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