• Planet shape: Sundered – Landmasses surrounded by Shadow Storm
  • Amber Relevant Time: 3.5x
  • Tech Level: Special – Mostly Stone Age
  • Magic: Very Mystical

General Information: This Shadow lies within the Black Zone, not under the control of any one house. All of the Great Houses use it for recruiting or trade to some extent, but those that have the most invested are Calnesh, Menrod, and Tiaem. The shadow is also home to the Fragrahp clan of demons. Landmasses from island to continent size make up the shadow, separated by and floating on an eternal Shadow Storm that is quite dangerous to pass through, even for Immortals.

When not wracked by some bizarre shadow condition from outside, the sky is a deep midnight blue almost all the time. Strange lights will appear in the sky to create periods of ‘day’ but these are not regular from one time period to the next. Time is kept by magical devices that change symbols to indicate the current time. The vegetation is sparse but hardy, with plains of sand and glassy crystals where the inhabitants choose to build their homes. Most of the vegetation is motile in some way, and the animals are demonic.

All manner of weird floatsam, people and objects alike, wash up onto the landmasses of Ka’Veleth. It’s a place for refugees, shady dealers, and madmen. It’s also a place to recruit intelligent demons, or skilled negotiators. The people of Ka’Veleth are slender and pale, with scraggly dark hair and large, totally black glossy eyes. Both the people and demons of the place are experts at dealing with changing conditions.

On the edges of the landmasses, there might be an ocean one day, to be swept away into a lake of fire the next, and a week later a great yawning chasm of clouds and sky. The changes are violent and usually accompanied by a massive conventional storm. These storms are big enough to wrack even the inner portions of the landmasses, and cannot be predicted since they come from the chaos outside.

All buildings are fortified against storms, and the people are a mixture of self-reliant and generous. Superstition is rampant, though not all of the minor rituals that people perform are mere superstition. Some of them provide real protection. Machines do not really function in Ka’Veleth, not even simple clocks. There are a few stand-out examples, fire works normally, wheels work fine, and sails work well. Very large gears function but the tolerances on them do not survive miniaturization. Everything else is more or less at a stone-age level, so magic fills in the gaps.


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