• Shadow: Kinaghvsh – (Khee nahg vish)
  • Planet Shape: Round
  • Amber Relevant Time: 3x
  • Tech Level: Medium – Powder guns (single shot per load), etc.
  • Magic: High

General Information:

Kinaghvsh is a world full of warring demons, the landscape changes drastically from place to place, depending on what clan of demons have taken over the general area. From volcanic lava floes to places where the ground is literally alive and willing to swallow you whole, Kinaghvsh is not a safe place for anyone who doesn’t possess shapeshifting or is a demon themselves.

Many houses of Chaos come to this and neighboring shadows to recruit demons for their causes, wether it is full armies or simply a few select standout demons that are a kill above the rest. One clan or another is often claiming dominance over the rest, resulting in frequent demon wars and battle, but this has the bonus result of churning out powerful demons that survive such destruction, making the houses of Chaos more than glad to allow the demons freedom to do what they will there.

Powerful Demon Clans:

  • Inglnoktavis – (Ihn glahn ock tah viss)

The Inglnoktvais is a clan of fire demons, their higher ranks actually being demons composed of complete fire, their forms vary downwards into more solid forms depending on their strengths and talents. Ranging form beings made of flowing lava to solid black rock.

  • Moaleshtivek – (Moh ah leh sh tih vehk)

Insect like demons who prefer to devour their enemies alive rather than kill them first. The Moaleshtivek often resemble giant bugs or insects, usually having multiple limbs and deadly pincers in their mouths, ranging all the way to flying monstrosities to those that burrow through the ground and attack from beneath their enemies. They prefer to attack in large groups, and have been at times nicknamed The Locust Clan, for often will they blot out the sky when their armies move, leaving no life or vegetation in their wake.

  • Praseljn – (Prah sehl jihn)

Demons have their own brand of magic and power, and the Praseljn are some of the most advanced in this area. While they are not as big in numbers as other clans, it is often said that a single Praseljn is worth fifty demons from any other clan. Not even the houses of Chaos know all of the power these demons can command, and there are rumors that some have sold their services directly to the dragon of chaos itself, in order to learn knowledge of its power and turn it to their own uses.


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