• Planet Shape: Round
  • Amber Time: 3x
  • Tech Level: High
  • Magic: Low

General Information:

Malnoir is a shadow a little ways outside of chaos where things grow a bit more stable. The world is currently dieing, its distant sun having died and set to either go supernova soon or simply continue to fade away. As such, most of the plantlife has died and there is very little that can exist anymore. The inhabitants, giving into despair, have taken to looting what remains of vast beautiful cities now gone to ruin, and care little of their future, believing they have none, despite protests from the no longer functioning government that the sun can be saved.

Lagolakoin will often vacation in this shadow, spending time watching the desperation of humans and, at times, preying or aiding them. Being the only demon and creature of reality that has ever stayed in the shadow, people refer to her as the Demon of Malnoir in hushed whispers, foretold in ancient prophetic texts, fearing her as the great devil that has come to completly end the world, and others worshipping her as the one that has come to save it.


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