Mega Earth

  • Planet shape: Round – The Solar System is Populated
  • Amber Relevant Time: 2x
  • Tech Level: Very High – Magitech
  • Magic: Very Mystical – Magitech

General Information: Not quite the same geographically as Shadow Earth, the inhabitants still refer to it as Earth. Fantastic technology blended with powerful magic makes all sorts of wonders possible. Shining metal discs carry people about, encased in protective force-fields. Teleportation is common, wonderous clothing and gear that acts on its own for the user is had by anyone well to do. People regularly commute from Earth to the Moon for work, and take Saturn Cruises to admire the beauty of the rings and get away from it all.

There’s an emphasis on personal ability, as anything beyond a very simple device requires a fair amount of skill and willpower to activate. Population is low in most of the world, though there are still a few slums. Everything outside of the slums is brightly polished, glittering and usually lit by an inner light on at least a portion of it. Magic and technology work together to keep everything clean and beautiful.

Outside of the cities, the land has been returned to the wild, with something like 60% of the land mass being given over to parks or actual nature preserves. It’s a beautiful place, but those without the talent to effectively manipulate the complex Magitech find themselves sliding inexorably to the slums, regardless of their original social station.

Mega Earth

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