Picture: Orias

Orias first appeared as a chaos lord, possessing Amber blood and claiming his heritage from Osric. He later revealed himself to be Kuru in disguise.

Age: Old enough.

Height: 6’4”

Body type: Muscular, but not uber bulky. Bruce Lee style.

Eyes: Red

Hair: Red

Homeshadow: Scara

Demeanor: Orias generally has a kind look on his face, and will even give a smile if the time is right. He’ll sometimes play with his left ear when he talks, a bad habit he has yet to break.

Clothing: Generally, Orias wears black clothing, pants and shirt, with light armor, including a hooded cape. Sometimes there’s a bit of red mixed in, but not very often.

Weapons: Orias wields a longsword with an etching of the dragon worked into it near the hilt, an obvious declaration of his loyalty to the dragon and House Ash’gahn.

Theme Songs: My Blade As My Pride


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