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The power of Pattern is available to those who are descended from Dworkin and Oberon. The power itself is gained by walking the pattern, beginning to end. Occasionally Pattern like powers are manifested by someone of the Blood of Amber without them having walked the pattern though this is rare and unpredictable.

Pattern is the power of order and shadow, and those who have walked it gain the ability to manipulate and traverse shadow.

Basic Pattern – 35 points

Walk In Shadow:
The most obvious and useful power of Pattern is the ability to walk in shadow. This allows the character to move from one shadow to the next. Walking through shadow requires breaks in line of sight, turns in a road, doorways etc. Small changes are made and these changes slowly bring the shadow walker closer to there destinations. Destinations are described as images and at the basic level no other qualifiers may be placed on it.

Hellriding is a much more dangerous form of walking through shadow. It involves both moving quickly and going through environments in which the scenery changes rapidly and there are lots of breaks in vision. Such as snowstorms, mountain passes, battle fields, jungles swamps etc. Its not so much changing one thing at a time as pounding from shadow to shadow as quickly as possible with a destination in mind. Endurance is very important for Hellriding as it is very draining and dangerous, many environments traversed during a Hellride contain threats for shadow walker.

Minor Manipulation:
When an Amberite walks throug shadow he can adjust his gear and clothes to more closely fit the shadow he is in. Small changes to clothes and items can occur as the Amberite travels. The cut and style of clothes for example, small amounts of local currency. Oftentimes this happens with little thought or influence by the Amberite in question.

Perhaps the most terrifying weapon those of the blood of Amber have at there disposal is the Bloodcurse. Generally laid when the curser is nearly dead or some terrible wrong has been done to them, the bloodcurse is inflicted upon their target. The target must be clear, not vague in any way. The curse itself manifests as an immediate point expenditure by the curser that becomes permanent directed bad stuff for the target. The curse will attempt to actualize through bad stuff, geared towards whatever event was indicated. The curse is not limited to individuals, but cannot be a simple list of names either. There is no known way to remove a blood curse.


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