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Pattern Imprint – 50 points

Shadow Walking:
At this level the Amberite gains significantly more control over shadow walking. Now cultural and other general attributes can be determined by the player, such as tech or magic level. Wether the keep is part of a large kingdom or some small remnant of past glory. The player can find what they are looking for much easier and also can sense shadow paths and follow them much more quickly. These same changes also allow for better hellriding.

Shadow Manipulation:
Shadow manipulation can cover larger areas now, changing areas the size of a large room. These changes can be as simple as repairing the damage done during a fight as to setting up a cliff for a rock slide. A vehicle such as a car could be changed so that it continued to function as it traveled through shadow. The more natural the change is the easier and more quickly it can be accomplished. The range is limited and generally cannot effect things more than a hundred yards or so.

Probability Manipulation:
Amberites gain the ability to manipulate probability in shadow. When an event seems dependant on chance the Amberite may attempt to influence the outcome, making a coin fall on heads or a guard’s choice to stay by a warm fire. How much probability can be altered is dependent on the psyche of the character. Probability manipulation can be sensed by another pattern user, though it is subtle and they have to be paying attention. Two pattern users can contest each other in this way though this is very uncommon. Items or people that have been interacted with by people of reality or powers are also much harder to manipulate in this way.

Pattern Defense:
A pattern user may wrap them self in the power of pattern, protecting themselves from other powers as well as affecting the nearby areas with large amounts of pattern energy. The defense runs of the characters psyche and endurance though it is largely fueled by the pattern itself. The pattern defense is done by envisioning the pattern in one’s mind and is not rapid, taking around fifteen seconds for the full effect, however the energy does begin gathering as soon as the process is started. Maintaining the pattern defense requires focus and using other powers while it is up is impossible. In addition doing complicated things such as fighting or navigating deadly terrain is much more difficult.


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