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Advanced Pattern – 75 points

Shadow Walking: When walking in Shadow, intangible conditions may now be ascribed to the Image the Amberite walks toward. Things such as, “A Shadow that Bleys might frequent”, or “A Shadow where I am the very image of an ancient King” are possibilities. The only thing still out of reach is determining the actual position of the Shadow in the grand scheme of Shadow and Substance. One cannot walk toward Fast Shadows, Slow Shadows, or Primal Shadows, except by luck or careful investigation.

Greater Probability Manipulation: Probability changes can now be sustained, that is, a Master of Pattern can contest with another such Master to twist the Probability back and forth until the greater of Psyche or Endurance wins. Multiple events can be affected at the same time now, though four or five probabilities is the limit for a strong mind.

Greater Shadow Manipulation: A large area, the size of an average house can now be affected. A Master of Pattern can even affect nearby Shadows, two to four away. This can create a zone of control that resembles Amber itself a little, especially if the Master of Pattern is in a Primal Plane.

Shadow of Destiny: A Shadow itself can be manipulated so that it lies in the path of a certain Shadow Walker. If the Shadow that is manipulated in any way fulfills the requirements of the Shadow Walker’s desire, it will become the destination. Even a Shadow Walker who is wary of such things may find themselves in a Shadow of Destiny if they cannot beat the Psyche of the Pattern Master.

Pattern Teleport:
A pattern user may attempt to walk the pattern in there mine, and teleport with it. While this is happening the pattern becomes visible on the ground where they are, and at the location they are teleporting to. It takes fifteen minutes to walk the pattern in ones mind and once the teleport is complete they travel there. It is an exhausting process, similar to walking the Pattern itself, and with the same possible consequence. Characters with abilities that manipulate shadow are able to ascertain the destination of the shadow teleport relatively easily.

Pattern Lens:
Similar to bringing up the pattern defense, the pattern user envisions the image of the pattern in there mind, and then projects it outwards using it as a lens. The act of bringing up the lens is much harder than the pattern defense and require about a minute of intense effort. The most basic effect of the lens is allowing the character to see and identify powers. The lens may be projected outwards, to look ahead. The further away from the character the less clear the images seen, though powers are generally easy to ascertain. The lens may also be used to examine a shadow as a whole, getting a feel for how strong the shadow is and what powers may be present there. The Lens may look down shadow paths a ways and can get an idea for what nearby shadows are but it cannot be projected through shadow itself.

The lens can affect reality in one of two ways, it can be used to rewrite a shadow, affecting how the rules work in an area. On a small scale, this allows for changes to be made such as allowing a gun to work or making magic harder to use. On a grander scale it allows the creation of custom shadows designed to the Pattern users desires.

The lens may also be used to infuse areas with pattern. This works well to help modify individual items. It also works well as a counter to other powers, such as sorcery. Bringing the lens actually in contact with a person begins a mental contact.


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